its london, baby!

i know that anyone reading this blog has seen the “Friends” episodes where they all go to england to see Ross get married to what’s-her-name (except for phoebe, humongo-pregnant with her brother’s triplets, of course….but i digress. So this has nothing to do with this post except for the fact that The Hunk and i will be heading to London tomorrow. Not for fun, however, unless you count making the trek to the US Embassy fun. I really don’t.

Other special events happening tomorrow include Y’s pre-op appointment  at the hospital for his tubes. I know that the surgery is super-short, and blah, blah, blah, but i’m starting to get a tiny bit nervous about my 14 month old under anesthesia. Plus I have 2 friends whose kids have had recent ENT-related surgery who had minor post-op complications, and these kids were way bigger (well, probably not-weight-wise bigger, ’cause my son is a hoss, bless him), and this does not ease my mind. Call me crazy. So pray for Y, please.

On to other things, namely the new segment I like to call “the weekend recap”. Most weekends we try to go somewhere if THe Hunk is in town (for instance, last weekend we went to Kentwell Hall, where they have a Tudor re-enactment. This was way cool, and also a good time for O, which makes the day a lot better for us). This weekend, though, we had big fun with The Hunk’s squadron at the base. First, the kids got to go on the plane and pretend to be pilots. O’s favorite part was the firefighter’s mask, which O believes is a gas mask (how he knows what a gas mask is is a long story). That kid has been wearing one mask or another all weekend long. I believe he may be sleeping in The Hunk’s old pilot helmet right now (just kidding, but he really, really wanted to). Then they also had a bouncy castle, which is always a big hit. As are the accompanying cheeseburgers. And then last night we had a dining out, which involves a sit-down dinner without children, and a grog bowl. Mom was nice enough to watch the kids (have I mentioned how sad i will be when she goes home?), and so Hunky and I had a date of sorts. And I didn’t even have to dress up! That’s right, military wives, we got to wear t-shirts! It was, for that reason, possibly the best military function I’ve ever been to. Today was pretty much a typical Sunday, except we missed church. Oh, and Y didn’t take a nap ALL DAY. This is not so good, but he was suprisingly cheerful at bible study tonight, where we had dessert pizza, which is my all-time favorite dessert (except for chocolate cake at M- Hall here…and Starbuck’s ice cream….and cookie dough…ok, any given dessert at any given time will probably count as my favorite). So that’s the recap.

Gotta go to bed, wish us luck with the Enhanced disclosure drama tomorrow! Oh, but for that special someone requesting a pic of Parks (otherwise known as “the greatest dog in the world”), i’ll try to oblige with a new one tomorrow. Till then, here’s your Parks fix. You are still his person 🙂

Parks thinks you might taste good



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2 responses to “its london, baby!

  1. Yay Parks! I will have to link Parks to Mark and Marty! They will be thrilled to see it. 🙂

  2. Jeannie

    Parks is sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!! I want to grab his ears!! I love him and miss him so much!

    Oh, and I love and miss you so much, too 🙂

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