a crying shame

so Hunky took Y to get a haircut yesterday. here are the results:

what Y and I think about his new hairdo 🙂

i’m just kidding, but The Hunk says that i have write that he has said many times if i want any say about what my son’s haircuts look like, then i can take them to get their haircuts. of course, my husband knows that if it were up to me, my sons’ hair would resemble kate hudson’s kid, ryder, or this:

O’s hair this spring, done while The Hunk was TDY

needless to say, Hunky was not a huge fan of the mohawk :).

in the interest of fairness, Y does not really hate his haircut. he could not possibly care less about his hair. so here’s a happier Y:

he really has no hair opinion, but wishes his mama would let HIM take the pics


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One response to “a crying shame

  1. Beth

    AWWWW!! It’s so cute! I like it. Just be happy your kids have hair! Mine is still sort of a baldy.

    Good luck with the tubes. L is doing great now after the tonsils/tubes/adenoids. It was rough for a few days, but that had to do with is tonsils. His voice is scratchy now…still not his own, but he’s doing great. And he doesn’t snore anymore! yipee!!

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