today’s rant and maybe more pics?

ok, i’ll try to keep it brief, but here it is: for the adoption, we have to have police clearances. so since we live in another country, we have to have police clearances from both florida and the UK (also letters of good conduct from the base). florida clearances, no problem. obtaining enhanced disclosures from the UK, not so much of a problem. but getting them notarized? apparently a big problem. you see, for the country, every document in our dossier has to be notarized, the verified, then authenticated. but notaries usually notarize a signature. and the enhanced disclosure has no signatures. so our JAG office doesn’t know what to do with it (and refused to follow our homestudy worker’s instructions), our adoption agency isn’t sure, and our homestudy worker, while absolutely fabulous in most areas, seems not to understand why i am having a hard time understanding what exactly needs to be done with this document. so here it is: RARRRRRR!!!!! why everything has to be so complicated, i’m not sure. and i’m not sure what we’re going to do. with Hunky’s schedule, it isn’t really practical to zip on down to london to the US embassy to get it notarized (because i KNOW they can do it). i’m just frustrated because i want everything to be ready to go on the day we get our I-171H (basically, our US government approval to adopt).

ok, i’m done. on the more positive side (2 of these pics make me laugh, but may be too scary for small children), here are The Hunk’s and my pics to send with our dossier.

definitely not ready for my close-up

better than mine, at least 🙂

a somewhat crooked pic of our house in england

hopefully, our dossier really won’t need pics of us that close-up – really, really hopefully not….but wanted to make sure that every conceivable pic was taken before i developed them, since we no longer have a kodac kiosk at our BX, and anything other than your basic 4×6 takes 3 days to get back.

so, laugh it up, chuckles.


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