i’m back….with pictures (i hope)

can ya’ll believe it – back after only one day! i’m gonna try to upload some pictures of our trip to london last weekend with my mom. for those that aren’t in the know, my mama is here visiting us this summer, for 2 whole months. i know, i know, ya’ll are so jealous. as well you should be :). i haven’t gotten to sleep in like this since before we had Y! my mom is truly the greatest, so if you’re reading this mom (and you’d better be – after all, if you’re not interested in my life, who else would be?), i love you, and thanks so much. i am dreading august, when she has to go back to mississippi.

another benefit to my mom being here is that we are finally getting off our bums and checking out some places in england that we haven’t been before, like london (i know, far off the beaten path, right?). so here are some pics from this weekend (hopefully):

The Hunk with ON

mom with ON

Y near the river Thames (but you can’t see the river in this pic)

me with the boys by the river Thames

ok, so i think that works, although not as i had planned. here’s how sad i am – i was already planning to post how clever i was to figure out how to make the pictures appear all by myself. alas, as usual, i spoke too soon, and will have to consult with genius husband to get it to work right. but if you click on them, you should be able to see them.

these pics bring me to my final thought…i thought long and hard before posting pics of my kids on our blog, you know, for safety’s sake. in the end, though, i want this to be a place where our family and friends near and far can come to catch up with us. only posting the kid’s initials is hard for me, and reading back on a previous post, i see i screwed up already (but now i’ll fix it to foil you all, ha ha ha). of course, i assume that most, if not all, of you reading this know us already, ’cause who else would want to know anything about our little lives? but for all you potential child molesters and terrorists and general weirdos, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE, YOU HEAR?

well, i think that probably scared them off.



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2 responses to “i’m back….with pictures (i hope)

  1. Beth

    Hey you!!! Sounds like the kiddos are doing great. Good luck on the tubes. L just had tubes put in, along with tonsils and adenoids out. Ugh. He’s a little puny right now, but he’s already stopped snoring!!
    L’s occupational therapy is going well. He seems to have calmed down a bit, and is using his fingers more and more. Hopefully the progress will continue.
    Keep me updated on the evaluation with S.
    We are going to miss you guys so much at the birthday party!!! 😦 It won’t be the same without you.
    So glad to hear your mom is over there. That’s awesome!! Having a mom that has summers off must rock!
    Write me soon. Thanks for the blog. I’ll be checking it often.

  2. Riggie! Hey! I am thrilled to read your blog. Now I have 3 moms I know doing blogs. I need all the tips and info I can get! 🙂 I am sure S will do great after tubes. Lots of kids have similar situations and when they can actually hear they start talking up a storm. I can’t wait until you get your new kiddos from Vietnam. I am sure they will be so precious and fit in with your boys just perfectly. Is there an age cap? Or will they be any age at all? Just curious. My dad’s adopted and I have always been open to it myself. Of course, right now we’re just getting through the current pregnancy! 12 weeks and counting!
    Oh! I am soooo jealous of your haircut! I want to cut all of mine off but I am such a sissy! I think maybe my face is too chubby these days to pull it off. Maybe in a fit of pregnancy hormones later I will bite the bullet and do it. 🙂

    Good luck with everything. We are going to J-town today. Wish you were there to visit. How much longer will you be in England????


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