Ok, I’m really gonna do this

alright, all of you can see from the dates on my previous posts that i haven’t written anything in months, but really, i’m gonna start posting at least a few times a week, starting today.

what’s up with us right now:

Y is going to get tubes put in his ears on july 17, so we’re really hoping that the chronic ear infections are the cause of the fact that at 14 months, the kid has no words, and i don’t think his comprehension is that great either. so we’ll see. he is being evaluated by the early intervention people again (he had a preliminary screening in early may, and they recommended a full evaluation) next week to see where he’s at. so if you pray, please pray for him in this, that he might catch up to where he needs to be developmentally.

O is looking very much foward to turning 3 in july, although he seems to think that all of his friends from america will be joining us in england for a big b-day party. this makes me want to cry, because although we have made friends here, this will definitely be a low-key b-day (we haven’t even planned anything yet…. think mom-of-the-year here), and because i still miss my friends, who were the moms of his friends, from america too. poor poor us :). so hopefully when the big day comes, he won’t be crushed when his florida buddies aren’t here. apart from b-days, the haps with him is that he is still liking preschool, and he says the funniest things. top 2 funny statements today: O tells my mom “don’t play with me, i’m not a toy!” and upon being asked if he is supposed to bite his brother, O responds “no, because he’s not food”. so true, so true.

and for anyone who doesn’t know, we are currently in the process of adopting from VietNam. we have completed our homestudy, and are waiting for our adoption agency in america to send it to the USCIS office in london, so we can get US government approval. then we can send our dossier off to get some signatures from various US and VietNamese governmental agencies, and then to VietNam. and then we wait for a referral. we have requested 1-2 children. if we can only have one, then we are requesting a girl, despite my misgivings about requesting a specific gender at all. i wouldn’t mind at all having another boy or 2 more boys, but deep down i know i would be disappointed someday if i didn’t ever have a girl. if we can get siblings, we have requested 2 girls, or a girl and a boy. so we’ll see. i am ready to be done with the paperchasing, and i know The Hunk is too. perhaps this may be due to the fact that whenever Hunky is at home from one of his many trips, i make him take a little trip up to the JAG office to get another piece of paper notarized. we are super excited to be thinking about expanding our family, so we hope your prayers will be with us in this matter as well.

whew, i think i’ve done enough for one night. hopefully i can stay motivated to keep writing often, so our friends and family can use this as a resource to keep up with what’s going on with us, cause i’m really bad about emailing.


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